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joe carchedi headshot 500Real estate can be a complex business.  A seemingly simple transaction can have several moving parts that can often only be solved through experience and hard work.

Joe Carchedi has been investing, buying and selling real estate for 20 years. He has seen a lot of unique situations and has gained a tremendous amount of experience.  He’s also licensed in the construction trades which allows him to see every house from a structural perspective.

Being a great agent is more than just looking at houses and reviewing paperwork. According to Joe,  you have to care about people first because they are the heart of every transaction.  Knowledge, experience, integrity and grit are extra tools that Joe brings to the table.

Joe’s experience in real estate investing and the trades has also provided him with a healthy list of outstanding resources.  He can get professional help for nearly every need you may have as a homeowner, buyer or seller.

“My clients appreciate the knowledge I bring to their personal situation and I’m proud to serve them at Carchedi Real Estate.”  –  Joe Carchedi